The story of Jolié

A year ago, I have started experimenting with my hair using natural hair products.
Each product had some improvements when it came of the quality of my hair, but in terms of to the hair growth, nothing has changed, at least it was not noticeable.
For this reason, I have decided to start the experiment on a new product containing only natural ingredients and do very best for all hair types.

About Jolié product

Jolié is a shampoo supplement for faster growth and hair recovery.
This natural product consists of panthenol solution, ad3 drops, castor oil, walnut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil and nettle tinctures.

How to use

Jolié is a 200ml pack. Mix 100 ml Jolié product with 400 ml shampoo of your choice. For the fastest and most effective effect, it is recommended to use it with a nettle shampoo. Dosage of the Jolié product is individual, depending on the size of your shampoo. The lid of the bottle (or flap cover) has a dose of 20 ml, and it can be used as doser. Using Jolié product two to three times a week, one package can last up to two months.

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