Top 10 advices for treating hair only naturally

What women want most of the time from their hair is too look exactly like hair of the models represented on a TV commercials: long, healthy, shiny and strong. Therefore, we would always buy and use shampoos that have strong advertisement statements and look appealing […]

Almond oil is beneficial for hair, skin & health

Almond oils are truly a gift of nature because of its long list of health and beauty benefits. There are two types of almond oils, sweet and bitter, and both have a strong effect on ones skin, hair and health. Almond oil contains vitamin E, […]

5 ways to protect your hair before going to sleep

After the exhausting day, we cant wait to go to the bed, take off our make up, take off any hair bends from our hair and just lye down with our body being completely relaxed and our hair being completely released. WRONG! If we really […]