The story of Jolié

The beginning

For me, hair signifies the part of the woman's character and her very own identity. We could all agree with the fact when women doesn't have time for putting any make up or wearing her best outfit, all that matters is having her hair just perfect. Jolié exists for making that feeling of the best hair day, every day. In my case, I have always experimented with my hair, but I have never managed to bring my hair to the desired look nor length. A year ago, I have started experimenting with hair using natural hair products. Each of these products had some improvement when it came of the quality of my hair, but in terms of my hair length, nothing has changed, at least it was not noticeable. For this reason, I have decided to start the experiment on a new product containing only natural ingredients and do very best for all hair types. I came up with the idea to make a product that is long lasting, favorable and of course beneficial for every hair type. After several months of constant research to make the most productive product, I have succeeded.


Research on the production of this product was carried out in the scientific institution "Bioecological center" in Zrenjanin, where the winning formula has been obtained. Tests in vivo have shown excellent results for growth, firmness, recovery and overall hair quality. Over 50 users participated in an experiment with different types of hair. Significant hair improvement has been observed. Trial production has proven high product quality. All raw materials that Jolie product contains are of a premium quality and are purchased from a renowned manufacturer, which guarantees the user a highly qualified product.

Jolié has became number one the circle of my closest people in a very short period of time.
I hope that will become yours as well...