Top 10 advices for treating hair only naturally

What women want most of the time from their hair is too look exactly like hair of the models represented on a TV commercials: long, healthy, shiny and strong. Therefore, we would always buy and use shampoos that have strong advertisement statements and look appealing to their costumers. Thats what we do wrong! Instead of spending so much money on different chemical shampoos that do not always have the greatest affect on our hair, we should do more research on how to treat our hair as natural as possible. Jolié is 100% natural product that will make your hair as beautiful as you always wanted. What else you can do to your hair besides using our fabulous natural product will be written in this blog. Here are some advices how to treat your hair using only natural ingredients, with spending little money, little time and more awareness.

1. Do not wash your hair frequently

For the proper regulation of the natural hair oils that our skin produces, washing hair should happen every third day. Washing your hair more frequently can cause split ends, dryness and hair loss. When you wash your hair every third, or even forth day, your hair will have time to reproduce its natural oils and shines.

2. Be aware of the water temperature

When washing your hair be aware of the water temperature. Warm water can cause damage to your hair in the sense of dryness and brittleness. Water that is just a bit warmer then your body temperature is perfect not only for your hair, but for your skin as well.

3. Brushing techniques

What we usually do is we brush our hair from the root to the ends. Its a common mistake of every women. When we brush our hair from our root to the bottom of our hair, we break the roots of our hair without noticing. We do it fast and therefor we do not spread our natural hair oil properly. Furthermore, we should first brush our ends gently, so we remove any possible tangles, and then we smoothly take the long stokes from the beginning to the end of our hair.

4. Egg mask

For a natural conditioner, egg treatment is one of the best treatments. All you need is one entire egg and one minute of your free time. Mix the egg in a cup and apply to the clean hair. While you do other things around the house for 20 to 30 minutes, leave the egg mask on your hair. Afterwords, wash it off with a cool water, or at least only a little bit warmer then your body temperature. Its one of the most effective hair tips and smoothness of your hair will be noticeable immediately.

5. Beer as a moisturizer

Pouring 1/2 cup of a beer on your head is one of the best ways to mostorize your hair. Spread it evenly and massage your scalp for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then wash it off to get rid of the smell of bear. By doing this procedure once or twice a week will keep your hair moisturized and nourished with vitamin B.

6. Do not tight your hair

Using hair bands and keeping your hair too tight can lead to hair loss and hair breakage. Before going to sleep, bread your hair loosely.


Do not hair dry your hair all the way. It is important to dry your roots, but leave the rest of the hair to dry naturally, and then brush it gently. Try to use hair dryer and strengthener as less as possible.

8. Avoid hair spray

Using too much hair spray can weight down your hair, making it flat and sticky. Instead, style your hair with a spray that contains panthenol (vitamin B). It will protect your hair from environmental and styling damage

9. Do not rub your hair with a towel

Instead of rubbing your hair with a towel to dry it, let the cotton towel absorb the wetness of the hair for few minutes. It will protect your hair from split ends and hair loss.

10. Good diet is everything

Drinking a lot of water and eating healthy has the biggest effect on the entire hair quality.